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SiX Executive Risk Programs

What is SiX?

Our strategy is founded on the simple principle that Private Equity clients want to maximize the buying power across their entire portfolio without losing the longstanding relationships that the portfolio companies maintain with their existing retail insurance brokers.

The SiX platform was created on the belief that the insurance purchasing process doesn’t need to be so complicated or inefficient. SiX represents a better way for PE/VC backed companies to procure their Executive Risk insurance policies (D&O, EPL, Fiduciary & Crime).

PE/VC Funds Want to make sure that their portfolio companies have appropriate protection, but they don’t want to spend time evaluating all of the policies across their portfolio.

Portfolio Companies Want good coverage at a fair price. They want to benefit from the potential buying power of the Sponsor, but they also want to work with a broker that they know and trust.

Brokers Want to provide their clients with great coverage and service. They don’t want to spend all of their time negotiating esoteric coverage terms across multiple insurance carriers.

How does SiX work?

The Six program was created to address all of these issues. The SiX platform has been around for over three years and is currently providing coverage to over 600 portfolio companies backed by over 100 different PE/VC funds.  The program has gained such popularity because it is structured to be better for everyone involved;

Leading Insurers  The markets currently participating in the program are Ace, Arch, Ironshore and Axis.

Common Form – Negotiated in conjunction with leading law firm’s D&O practice groups, the common form provides for the breadth of coverage that leading private equity and venture capital firms seek. The form is renegotiated as necessary following a full legal review to ensure that it provides best-in-class coverage. With a common form, consistency of coverage is a given. When policies are purchased through the SiX program, you only need to know price, retention and added terms (if any) because everything else is the same. 

Open Brokerage – SiX is broker-neutral. This means that any broker can access the program, provided that your private equity or venture capital firm supports the program.

Administration – Vanbridge is the program manager. Your retail insurance broker accesses the program, just as they would go directly to a carrier.

Risk Aggregation – Historically, private equity and venture capital firms have found it difficult to aggregate their portfolio. SiX makes it easy by aggregating on behalf of the industry; not just a single fund.

Added Leverage – If a participating insurer does not provide adequate service or claims response, the insurer will be removed from the program. This gives Vanbridge direct control over tens of millions of profitable insurance premiums.

Better Pricing – The Vanbridge program is a more efficient manner to procure coverage, and the savings created by that efficiency will be passed on to the portfolio companies in the form of lower premiums.

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